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Now more than ever, who you are as a company and how you serve your customers, needs to be reinforced.

We Are All Still Connected.

Social distancing and avoiding physical contact might be the norm, but we still need to connect. With digital attention at an all-time high, there are opportunities that exist. Our strategists have pulled together some helpful resources to get you and your company through these unprecedented times.

5 Things to Keep Your Brand Relevant

Your customers may not be able to purchase or interact with your brand for an extended period-of-time. How do you keep your brand in front of them and relevant? Learn More

The Marketing Upside

Research shows that companies that continue to spend on marketing fare better during recessions than those that do not.  Learn More

Current Customers are More Valuable than Ever

Customer retention strategies should be a top priority. A small increase in retention can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Learn More

Coronavirus Messaging to your Community

This unprecedented pandemic is a wake-up call for companies to carefully review the strategies, policies, and procedures in place to protect employees, customers, and operations. Learn More

Social Media Soul Searching

Adapting to the ever-changing social media environment has always been important. But now more than ever, it's important to keep your brand in-touch and relevant on your social channels. Learn More

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Customer support, service, and success are all critical to your business's prosperity and growth. All can have a major impact on your reputation, customer retention and bottom line. Learn More

Know the Difference Between Price & Value

During this economic downturn, many may look at marketing and only see price. We must show them the value. Learn More

Staying Relevant Starts with Content

Now is the time to look at your content and ensure customers know you are in touch with this crisis. Learn More

10 Core Principles of Crisis Management

Having a crisis communications plan in place allows you to focus on strategy and rapid execution of crisis management procedures. Learn More

Media Relations Play Key Role in Fighting COVID-19

Sharing client insights on timely topics – such as consumer fraud due to Coronavirus outbreak – is a public service. Learn More

Online Meeting Technology is Easier Than You Think

Check out this video with useful tips and info for using online meeting technology. Learn More

Connecting Nonprofits with Financial Support

GTCF’s COVID-19 Response Fund has granted $330,000 in funding support to over 50 local organizations in need. And good PR helped them spread the word. Learn More

We Are Here to Help

Thread Marketing Group is committed to providing our clients with the best marketing strategies and solutions during this unprecedented time.

“Providing financial solutions to our clients needed to be our #1 priority. Thread helped us put a framework and communications strategy in place quickly to be there in this time of need.”
– Brenda Covrett, Vice President, Growth & Development,
Directions Credit Union
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